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De-carbonizing our economy will require an investment approach that targets energy applications across the full spectrum of human endeavor. At Treehouse Investments we maintain a consistently climate-focused yet diversified portfolio by considering the scale targeted by each investment. We call this the Infrastructure Fan.



Products and services for use by individuals.


Products and services to benefit the household.

Solar home systems for off-grid customers in East Africa.


Non-sewered sanitation solutions for urban residents in Kenya.


Ethanol cooking fuel for urban consumers in Kenya.



Projects, products, or services targeting small and medium enterprises.


Financing solar suppliers, distributors, and projects across sub-Saharan Africa.



Distributed projects targeting isolated communities.


Minigrids for rural communities in West Africa.



Projects, products, or services targeting large enterprises and industrial clients.


Financing commercial and industrial solar projects across sub-Saharan Africa.



Projects targeting municipal clients.

Mid-scale wind projects in the upper Midwest United States.


Funding distributed renewable and energy efficiency projects in emerging markets.


Projects providing solutions to regional infrastructure needs.


Early stage development of large-scale wind projects in the United States.



Public equities and supranational green bonds in companies and institutions involved in the wide-scale adoption of energy efficient and climate-resilient infrastructure.


Other Sectors

Since 2017, concerned by increasingly troubling climate data, we have committed to focus exclusively on climate change investment opportunities. Our portfolio contains these legacy investments in other sectors:

Legacy Investments

Expanding the textile industry supply chain to incorporate artisanal manufacturing.


Funding financial inclusion companies in India and Latin America.


Funding micro-finance institutions worldwide.


Funding Oakland, CA-based impactful technology companies.


Providing debt to low income, largely Latin American, women entrepreneurs in the United States.


Our Investment KPIs:


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