Treehouse Investments, LLC

Our Philosophy

At Treehouse Investments, we believe that the private sector is essential to addressing climate change, and to doing so in a way that is respectful of communities and the broader environment. Moreover, supporting transformational business models and strategies not only benefits the planet and its inhabitants, it also represents a significant market opportunity.

Treehouse Investments targets direct investments in both publicly traded and private entities. Our focus areas all fall under the broad description of distributed infrastructure: companies and projects that contribute to building sustainable and resilient energy, water, and wastewater systems.


Key Performance Indicators

We track five key performance indicators across our entire portfolio. These help us measure and continually improve the extent to which we are contributing to our investment goals.



Return on Investment

We track the financial performance of all our investments against mainstream benchmarks.

Greenhouse Gas Avoided

We track the greenhouse gas emissions of all our investments.

Women in Management

We seek gender-diverse management teams.

Women on the Board

We aim for gender balance in decision-making.

Sustainable Development Goals

We are aligned with the global movement "toward peace and prosperity for people and the planet."


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